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We were the International Softball Federation, we're now a fan-run softball blog

This site was once the proud home of the International Softball Federation, but is now just a fan-run softball blog. We’re a passionate bunch that love everything about the game of Softball. We’re open to contributions from like-minded fans of the game that care to share their knowledge, wisdom and opinions. We’re also here as an education provider, aiming to get more young people outside and into the diamond. Maria & Sophie will regularly produce content on how to improve your pitch and swing, the changing rules over the years and how to improve your all round game.

Maria & Sophie - Our Writers

Maria & Sophie are two Softball fanatics. Maria is a long-term softbtall player and super-fan. She’s here to provide all her ball knowledge and more for those wanting it most. Sophie has been playing softball since she could walk. Another softball super-fan, Sophie is great at reviewing the very best products, so you don’t have to. The pair together have been playing softball for over a decade and can’t get enough of the sport!

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