There are seven innings in a professional softball game. The game can proceed into extra innings if the score is tied after seven innings.

In professional softball games, how many innings make up a game? Also in, how many innings make up a college softball game?

In baseball, games end after a set number of innings or when the permitted time has passed. The teams get an opportunity to bat and score more runs at the beginning of each inning.

This article will examine how many innings are in softball games for both professional and college softball games.

How Many Innings Are in Softball?

Most softball games feature six or seven innings, depending on the league. While youth leagues play six innings, high school and college games are seven.

How many innings in softball (seven inning games)

The teams will switch positions on the field and at bat seven times throughout a seven-inning softball game.

Of course, not all softball games last for nine innings. If the home team has a lead after the visiting team bats in the seventh inning, the game is done, and the visitors do not need to bat again.

A mercy rule may also be in force. After a specific number of innings, when one team has a large lead (eight runs in the second part of the game), the game is called, and the team in the lead is declared the winner.

How Does Softball Innings Work?

Games in softball is played seven inning games

Softball innings are the same as baseball ones: Whenever the home team is out in the field to start an inning, the visiting club gets to bat first. When the side with the ball gets three outs, the top of the inning is over.

Soon after, the bottom of the inning will begin, and the roles of the two sides will reverse. The visiting team’s turn to bat and the home team’s turn to field. The home team bats at the bottom of an inning until the visiting club gets three outs.

The top and bottom of an inning are completed before play advances to the following inning, and so on until the game ends.

How Many Innings are in a High School Softball Game?

High school softball game batting team

Every level of softball, from high school up to the majors and minors, uses a seven-inning game format. Whenever a game ends in a tie after seven innings, the teams play extra innings to choose a winner.

How Many Innings Are in a Youth Softball Game?

There are either six or seven innings in youth softball games. Softball games are six innings long for the youngest players, typically those in tee-ball and the first years of elementary school. Players at these levels are still learning the game. Thus, the pitching is slower than for older girls, and games are just six innings long.

Softball games are five innings long for younger players but seven innings long for older players. Now that the players are older and have a better grasp of the game, they can play an extra inning without the games going on for too long since the pitchers are more efficient.

How Long Do Softball Games Usually Take?

Compared to baseball games, softball games are shorter because they only go seven innings instead of nine. The average softball game, which consists of seven innings, takes about two hours to complete. Since there is no time limit per inning in softball, it isn’t easy to estimate how long a game will last.

If teams aren’t scoring much and the innings are short, the game could be over in under two hours. Alternatively, if both teams are particularly productive offensively, the game could go on for more than two hours, with the innings lasting longer than usual.

Any game that goes into extra innings can easily exceed the two-hour mark, with the exact time taken depending on how many innings are added.

Does Softball Have a Time Limit?

Longest softball game time limit

In softball, there is no such thing as a time limit. A total of seven innings are played, or six and a half if the home side is ahead.

While softball games are traditionally played without time or inning limits, such restrictions are often imposed, especially in youth leagues. At the point where either limit is reached, the game is over.

Softball games for younger elementary school-aged youth have time limits because of the slower speed of play. Since the girls are just starting out and their pitching isn’t quite where it needs to be, many games end before the allotted time is up. The games would take much longer than the normal two hours if they waited to finish every inning.

Time limits are rarely imposed on a high school or college softball game unless there are multiple games in a row, such as a JV game followed by a varsity game. So that the following game can begin on schedule, there will be a time limit in these instances.

Even while collegiate and high school softball games are not timed, there is a limit on how long teams can warm up between innings. After an inning concludes, the players typically have 90 seconds to get out on the field and begin the next one. Games could go on for much longer if there wasn’t a time limit between innings.


Finally, a professional softball game consists of seven innings, while a baseball game consists of nine. After seven innings, if the game goes into extra innings, the runner advancing to second place is done to hasten the game’s end. It usually doesn’t take more than two hours to play a professional softball game. In most amateur leagues, softball games last less than an hour and 45 minutes.