The slap hit is a great strategy of hitting that targets a specific area of the infield. It’s a strategy that can be difficult for the defense to stop and effective for moving runners along.

When batting in fastpitch softball, the batter stands on the left side of the box and slaps the ball. When the pitcher releases the ball, the hitter sprints toward him. Then, with cunning placement, she sends the ball toward the infield. Or maybe she hits it hard through the infield. Still, the slapper keeps speeding toward first base.

A slap is not just a delicate, aggressive maneuver. On the other hand, a superb slapper is a strong athlete who can strike the ball hard while running when the defense is trying to close the gap.

Why Do You Want To Slap Hit?

You may put more pressure on the defense in various circumstances if you can slap well. Slap hitting, expressed simply, involves a great deal of strategy.

When the defense is playing aggressively or passively, good slappers have a variety of strategies at their disposal.

Knowing how to execute a soft slap, hard slap, and drag bunt isn’t enough.

It’s all in your head when you slap. Don’t lose sight of your goal, whether advancing runners on the bases or putting the opposing team under pressure. Assembling mental images of your plan in advance will improve the effectiveness of your softball hitting.

Softball slap

Slap Hitting Drills

There is a wide variety of slap-hitting drills that your team can perform.

The first exercise is to use a tee to become used to the posture and swing of a slap hitter.

Slap Hitting with a Tee

A ball, a tee, a bat, and either a catch net or an open field will do for this drill.

This drill will help you become used to your body’s position when slapping. A player can also improve directional hitting by studying the ideal hand path and contact points.

Before stepping up to the plate, the hitter should start with their feet crossed. They must have plenty of experience hitting both line drives and bouncing balls. You should try moving the tee around the plate, starting outside, and working your way inward. The batter needs to work on hitting the ball to various locations on the field.

The strategy aims to help the batter learn how to strike the ball to control its trajectory and destination.

For a line drive, for instance, they would need to strike the ball in its center, while a bounce would necessitate striking the upper half.

Timing Drill

This exercise requires a pitching screen, a bat, some balls, and a home plate.

This drill is designed to teach and hone the timing and footwork essential to effective slap hitting.

The hitter starts with their feet in a crossed position (in position to slap hit). A coach will gently toss balls to the batter behind the pitching screen.

If the pitcher gently tosses the ball, the batter will begin moving toward him. The hitter will follow the coach’s instructions regarding where to hit the ball and whether it should be a line drive or a bouncer.

The batter should be instructed to arrive in a straight line, not to walk on the plate or leave the batter’s box.

Slap Hitting Tips and Advice

When practicing your slap-hitting routines or honing your technique, here are a few more broad points to keep in mind.

You should never try to hit the ball when it is still out in front of home plate; instead, you should let it come to you. In this case, the first footwork exercise would be ideal.

You won’t acquire a decent slap until you work on mastering your swing and not letting it master you. The third drill is for developing a sense of mastery over your swing.

Always aim to increase your mileage when contemplating your footwork. Thanks to your movement toward the pitcher, your momentum will carry you to the first base.

Make sure you don’t put too much weight on your back foot after putting it down on the ground for your first forward step.

If you want to hit a home run, you should position your foot so that it points toward third base or left field on your crossover step. Keep your shoulders aligned toward home plate even while your foot is turned to third base.


What is the greatest way to become a star slap hitter? Practice your drills every day and think about how you can improve. Repeated practice is essential.

Your slap-hitting has the potential to reach new heights with the right mentality, the right methods, and some dedicated practice.