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Welcome to my review of the BigTree 34-inch Wooden Baseball Bat. As someone who has used this bat extensively, I am excited to share my experiences with you. So, let’s dive in!

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  1. Great Value: The package includes a 34 wooden bat that meets all your needs. It is longer at 86cm, ensuring a comfortable grip and an anti-slip experience.
  2. Lightweight: This bat is sturdy yet lightweight, making it perfect for both kids and adults. It’s a great choice for games in the park, and you won’t feel tired even after a long exercise session.
  3. Solid Wood and Undeformable: Made of high-quality wood, this bat is not only environmentally friendly but also strong and durable. Its smooth finish makes it easy to clean, ensuring it can be used again and again.
  4. Comfortable Handle: The baseball bat features a comfortable handle that provides a smooth swing. It is fatigue-resistant and fits perfectly in your hand, offering a comfortable grip.
  5. Widely Used: Suitable for a variety of purposes, including outdoor fitness, daily training, and entertainment.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Limited Shock Protection: The bat lacks a rubber handle, which can result in shocks being put onto your hands and potentially causing discomfort during use.
  2. Quality Concerns: While many reviewers have had a positive experience with the bat, some have reported issues with quality, such as splits or cracks. However, I personally did not encounter any such problems.

Quick Verdict

The BigTree 34-inch Wooden Baseball Bat provides great value for both adults and kids. Its lightweight yet sturdy design offers a comfortable and fatigue-resistant grip, making it suitable for various purposes. The solid wood construction ensures durability and its smooth finish allows for easy maintenance. Although the lack of shock protection and occasional quality concerns are minor downsides, they do not overshadow the bat’s overall performance.

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable wooden baseball bat, I highly recommend considering the BigTree 34-inch Wooden Baseball Bat. Give it a try and enjoy your training and practice sessions! You can find more information about this product here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the BigTree 34inch Wooden Baseball Bat from Amazon. Being a baseball enthusiast, I was excited to get my hands on this bat for training and practice purposes. The delivery was quite fast, taking just a few days to arrive.

Upon unboxing the package, I found the BigTree Wooden Baseball Bat neatly packed inside. It was securely wrapped in protective material to prevent any damage during transit. The bat had a sleek and sturdy appearance, exuding quality craftsmanship.


Brand BigTree
Manufacturer chuchuang
Package Dimensions 86.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm
Weight 180 grams
Manufacturer reference P2001A/BTUKM1
Department Men, Women, Children
Sport Baseball
Style Casual
Size 34 inch
Color Black
Age range Youth
Action Light


The product did not include a user guide or documentation. However, I was able to find valuable information and instructions on how to properly use and care for the baseball bat on BigTree’s official website. You can find the user guide here.

Features – What We Found


The BigTree Wooden Baseball Bat is lightweight, making it suitable for both kids and adults to use effectively. The bat is easy to swing, allowing for better control and accuracy during games and practice sessions. This lightweight feature also ensures that your arm doesn’t feel tired even after long periods of use. It is perfect for playing in the park or for training sessions.

Pro-tip: The lightweight design of this baseball bat makes it easy to carry around and store. You can hang it from a wall or keep it under your bed, ensuring it’s always accessible for your next baseball session.

Solide Wood and Undeformable

The BigTree Wooden Baseball Bat is made of high-quality wood, ensuring durability and strength. The bat is environmentally friendly and has a firm and rustic appearance, making it not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The high-quality wood used in its construction makes it resistant to deformation, ensuring that it retains its shape even after extended use.

Pro-tip: The smooth finish of the baseball bat makes it easy to clean. You can simply wipe it down with a cloth, and it’s ready for use again. This durability and low maintenance make it a great investment for baseball enthusiasts.

Comfortable Handle

The BigTree Wooden Baseball Bat features a comfortable handle that provides a smooth swing and a comfortable grip. The handle is designed to resist fatigue, allowing you to play for extended periods without discomfort. The comfortable hand feeling enhances your overall performance and promotes better control over the bat.

Great Value

When you purchase the BigTree Wooden Baseball Bat, you get great value for your money. The package includes a 34 wooden baseball bat, which meets your needs for different ages and skill levels. This longer bat provides better reach and control during your swings. The anti-scratch feature ensures the durability of the bat, allowing you to enjoy it for a long time.

Pro-tip: The versatility of the bat size makes it suitable for both adults and kids. It can be used for various outdoor activities such as fitness, daily training, and entertainment, making it a versatile tool for baseball enthusiasts of all ages.


The BigTree Wooden Baseball Bat features an anti-slip design that enhances your grip and prevents the bat from slipping out of your hands. This feature ensures that you have better control over your swings, increasing your accuracy and performance. Say goodbye to slipping bats and hello to improved batting skills.

Pro-tip: The anti-slip feature is particularly beneficial in humid or sweaty conditions. It provides a secure grip, allowing you to focus on your swings without worrying about the bat slipping out of your hands.

Final Thoughts

Our Score: 91.0

As an avid baseball player, I recently purchased the BigTree 34-inch Wooden Baseball Bat and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. The lightweight design combined with the comfortable handle allows for a smooth and effortless swing, ensuring fatigue resistance during long training sessions. Whether I’m playing in the park or practicing at home, this bat has proven to be the perfect companion.

What I truly appreciate about this bat is its durability. Made from solid wood, it feels sturdy and reliable, providing me with confidence in every swing. Not only is it resistant to scratches and deformations, but it also boasts a beautiful rustic finish that adds a touch of elegance to its appearance. Additionally, the smooth surface makes cleaning a breeze, ensuring that the bat is always ready for use.

Not only is this bat suitable for adult players like myself, but it is also great for kids. Its lightweight nature allows younger players to effectively handle and swing the bat without feeling overwhelmed. With a length of 34 inches, it perfectly suits my 6-foot frame, providing me with a comfortable grip and optimal control.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable baseball bat, I highly recommend the BigTree 34-inch Wooden Baseball Bat. It offers great value for the price, and its quality craftsmanship ensures durability and long-lasting performance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your training and practice sessions. You can find more information about the product here.

Best combination

Optimum Baseball Ball

When it comes to baseball practice and games, having the right equipment is crucial. That’s why I highly suggest pairing the Optimum Baseball Ball with the BigTree Wooden Baseball Bat for the ultimate experience.

The BigTree Wooden Baseball Bat, available in various sizes including 34, 32, 30, and 28 inches, is the perfect companion to the Optimum Baseball Ball. Its anti-slip design ensures a firm grip, allowing you to deliver powerful and accurate hits. The lightweight construction makes it easy to swing, perfect for both training and practice sessions.

By combining the Optimum Baseball Ball with the BigTree Wooden Baseball Bat, you’ll have everything you need for pitching, catching, hitting, and overall improvement in your baseball skills.

Whether you’re a youth player or an adult participating in leagues and tournaments, this combination is ideal for enhancing your performance on the field. The official size and weight of the Optimum Baseball Ball, paired with the reliable and durable BigTree Wooden Baseball Bat, create a winning combination.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your baseball game to the next level. Invest in the Optimum Baseball Ball and the BigTree Wooden Baseball Bat today for a complete and satisfying baseball experience.